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You've managed to navigate the twisted avenues of the Internet, escaping the dark alleys of broken links and unsavory designs, and arrive at the portfolio of James A. Love. Well done! While you're here, check out the stuff I've been working on, or maybe wander over to my blog and peruse some of my musings, insightful or otherwise.

Hi there

Check out what I've been doing. Or maybe get to know me. Heck, why not just hit me up for a coffee.


What They Said

"I'm writing this recommendation for Jamie because I genuinely enjoyed every day I worked with him. His lust for life and everything that comes with it is brought with him to the office each day with him. An optimistic outlook on everything, and a constant creative approach to his problem solving make Jamie a true asset, and a pleasure to be around. Endorsement... 100%." Brad

"James was an excellent person to work with as he fitted straight into the team and took on board any task assigned to him. He worked diligently and enthusiastically, being very capable at what he did." Nick

Who is Lovezapp?

Lovezapp is James A. Love

I would like to think that my degree in English has made me a better UI Developer because it sure as hell hasn't made me any better at Photoshop. Thankfully, design is more than points and pixels. Design is a story. For a website to be successful, it must lead users along a certain path, urging them to a set conclusion.

Good design is inviting, but purposeful. It makes you feel all cozy and warm as it gently guides you, like a host in a new home, from room to comfortable room. In the end, when that host asks you for something, you'll offer it with a smile.

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Come find me in sunny Colorado. I spend a lot of my time outdoors either running the trails, hiking, or camping. So drop me a line and I'll hit you back.

City: Denver, Colorado
Website: www.lovezapp.com
Twitter: twitter.com/lovezapp

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